Geosysta’s main services cover the geotechnical, the mining and the tunneling sectors with emphasis in the computer technology and developments

Geotechnical Services:

We understand and respect the ground. We know the challenges and uniqueness that it presents. We treat each case as a different one, but we draw from previous experience and scientific

advances. We provide design and consulting for:

  • Geotechnical investigation
  • Slope stability
  • Landslides
  • Shallow and deep foundations
  • Ground improvement
  • Ground reinforcement
  • Earth retaining structures
  • Dam geotechnical design


Mining Services:

Would civilization exist and thrive without its mining industry? We understand the importance of sustainable operations and environmental challenges that the mining sector is faced. We try hard to contribute in both aspects with our consulting and designs which cover:

  • Ore investigation and estimation
  • Mine planning and operation design
  • Mine geotechnical design for slopes
  • Mine geotechnical design for underground operations
  • Mine ventilation design
  • Mine data handling and operational monitoring software

Tunneling Services:

Tunneling for infrastructure and mining projects is among the most challenging task. Working underground in difficult ground trying to advance the tunnel while at the same time mother earth troughs its worst on you. Flowing and swelling ground to water ingress, high temperatures, and explosive gases, to karst features and mud everywhere are typical conditions in our working environment; this is not ideal working place if you don’t have it into you. We provide:

  • Tunnel geological models
  • Tunnel geotechnical models
  • Tunnel primary support design
  • Tunnel final lining design
  • Tunnel solutions in difficult and challenging ground


Software applications:

Have you ever wondered why your software is capable of doing marvels but is so difficult to use or so time consuming? Have you ever wonder why such and easy to use software cannot perform the functions you want? We combine geotechnical and mining experience with state of the art software development to produce easy to use and fully functional, even custom made solutions for our clients. We specialize in:

  • Database systems for data storage and manipulation
  • Database systems for real time monitoring of mine operations
  • Database systems for geotechnical monitoring
  • Software applications for geotechnical and mining design
  • Software applications custom fit to clients needs

Knowledge dissemination:

We think that information should be vastly available and easily comparable in order to produce appropriate conditions for knowledge. We do not protect our knowledge for our own benefit, we try to cultivate it and share it with our clients. We do this with:

  • Our geotechnical and mining information site
  • With workshops and training seminars
  • With scientific publications and blogging
  • With detailed designs and client involvement all the way
  • With scientific and research projects and strong collaboration with academia