About us

Geosysta ltd provides engineering consultancy, scientific services and software systems directed towards the geotechnical and mining sector. Our primary services include:

  • Geological and Geotechnical design and consulting services for infrastructure projects
  • Geological and Geotechnical design and consulting services for mining projects
  • Mine investigation, mine planning, production analysis, ventilation design, ore estimation etc
  • Software Development for geotechnical applications
  • Software Development for mining applications
  • Software and database applications for data handling and evaluation
  • Software and database applications for monitoring and real time applications
  • Geotechnical and mining information dissemination and training

Our core strategy is a sustainable long term client relationship. We provide a wide range of services that uniquely address each client in a way which produces value engineering for all aspects of our involvement. Our goal is to develop the best solution tailor-made for the specific needs of each client taking into account local conditions and operational uniqueness.

Core Values:

Our core value is to sustain a strong connection with our clients while at the same time maintaining our technical and scientific independence.

Scientific knowledge combined with innovative ideas drawn from our continuous growing experience is a fundamental value of our evolution.


Highly qualified and motivated people with enthusiasm for the job, integrity and ethos above all, comprise our team, working to resolve challenging and complex projects. Our people are our greatest asset.



Geosysta’s offices in Athens, Greece are located in a beautiful and quiet suburban area which provides a relaxed work environment. Our true office, however, is the field working on the projects we are involved in.